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Proses instalasi Orbit downloader cukup mudah anda tinggal klik-klik saja mengikuti langkah-langkah berikut:
1. Jalankan File Installer Orbit Downloader.
Bila anda belum punya, file tersebut bisa anda download / unduh di sini.
Bila anda sedang menjalankan Mozilla firefox atau Internet Explorer agar tutup terlebih dahulu. Bila tidak, biarkan saja Installer yang menutupnya. Klik Next.
Tampilan awal Proses instalasi Orbit Downloader (untuk mempercepat download)
2. License Agreement
Selanjutnya anda harus menyetujui License Agreement dari Orbit Downloader. Bila tidak maka anda harus membatalkan proses instalasi Orbit Downloader.
Tampilan License Agreement, Proses instalasi Orbit Downloader (untuk mempercepat download)
3. Pilih folder tempat Orbit Downloader disimpan.
Bila anda tidak setuju dapat mengganti lokasi tersebut dengan yang baru atau melalui klik tombol browse.
Tampilan memilih folder instalasi saat Proses instalasi Orbit Downloader (untuk mempercepat download)
4. Pilih folder Nama grup untuk Orbit Downloader.
Bila anda tidak setuju dapat mengganti nama tersebut dengan yang baru atau melalui klik tombol browse.
Tampilan memilih nama grup instalasi saat Proses instalasi Orbit Downloader (untuk mempercepat download)
5. Pilih tugas tambahan untuk Orbit Downloader.
Berikan tanda check untuk item yang anda inginkan. Sebagai contoh laptop saya menggunakan Mozilla, Opera dan Chrome. Ketiga item tersebut saya beri tanda check.
Tampilan memilih tugas tambahan untuk Orbit Downloader saat Proses instalasi Orbit Downloader (untuk mempercepat download)
6. Instalasi Grab Pro untuk Internet Explorer (IE)
Bila anda ingin pengguna Internet Explorer (IE) dan ingin menginstall Grap Pro, maka berikan tanda check.
Tampilan pilihan instalasi Grab Pro untuk Internet Explorer (IE) saat Proses instalasi Orbit Downloader (untuk mempercepat download)
7. Instalasi Registry Reviver
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Tampilan pilihan instalasi Registry Reviver saat Proses instalasi Orbit Downloader
8. BiarkanLanjutkan proses instalasi hingga selesai.
Tampilan progress saat Proses instalasi Orbit Downloader (untuk mempercepat download)
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Anda akan di ajak untuk langsung menjalankan Orbit Downloader.
Tampilan Akhir saat Proses instalasi Orbit Downloader (untuk mempercepat download)
10. Tampilan Orbit Downloader.
Tampilan / interface Orbit Downloader
Orbit downloader siap digunakan. silahkan ber-download ria..
Terima kasih telah membaca Cara Mempercepat Download dengan Orbit Downloader. Semoga bermanfaat.

Friday, 9 August 2013

What’s New in Windows 8.1 Preview ?

What’s New in Windows 8.1 Preview ?

Windows 8.1Preview
Microsoft has revealed full details about the comprehensive update to Windows 8, now known as Windows 8.1 and formerly known as Windows Blue. There’s also a Windows 8.1 RT version, too.
Windows 8.1 was launched at the Microsoft Build developer conference in San Francisco and when available the final version will be available as a free downloadable Windows 8 update.
In the meantime, Microsoft has released a preview version of the new version of Windows 8 – the Windows 8.1 Release Preview is now available to download. The final Windows 8.1 release date is likely to be September or October, as the OS will be released to manufacturers to install on new PCs in August.
What’s New in Windows 8.1 ?
Lock screen slideshow
“As people started using Windows 8, we found that people were using their Lock screens to show pictures of their families,” Leblond says. So in Windows 8.1, you can turn your PC or tablet into a picture frame by making your Lock screen a slide show of your pictures – either locally on the device or photos from Microsoft SkyDrive.
You can unlock the camera or answer a Skype call quickly without needing to fiddle with a password. If small tablets get popular, that will be useful.
The Start screen evolves
Windows 8.1 offers more colours and backgrounds for the Start screen – including some with motion. You can also choose your desktop background as your Start screen background.
However, it’s still perfectly possible to get a really garish looking Start screen, like this – does anybody actually use these patterns?
Windows 8.1 Start screen
Different tile sizes
As in Windows Phone 8, the Windows 8.1 Start screen features a variety of tile sizes including a new large and new small tile. It’s also even easier to name groups and rearrange tiles, says Leblond: “We found people were accidentally moving tiles on their Start screen so in Windows 8.1, you press and hold (or right-click) to move things around.”
You can even have large double-size tiles (check the weather in the picture above) but apps need to be written specifically to take advantage of this.
To select a tile, you now need to press and hold it. You can now select multiple apps all at once, resize them, uninstall them, or rearrange them into a group: “View all apps just by swiping from the bottom to view all apps, and we’ve added the ability to filter your apps by name, date installed, most used, or by category.
“You want the Start screen to be about all the things you love. So when you install a new app from the Windows Store, we no longer put that app on your Start screen. Instead, you’ll find these apps under apps view as mentioned above and marked as ‘new’ where you can choose to pin the apps you want to your Start screen.”
The Start screen has also been refined to work with all screen sizes more effectively – Microsoft believes Windows 8.1 really can scale from 8-inch tablets to 27-inch devices.
Start screen
Aggregated search
Instead of having to select an app and then search when you go to the Search charm, Bing now powers an aggregated search system from the web, your files, SkyDrive and elsewhere. Leblond says: “We think this will really change the way you interact with the Web and with Windows making it quicker and easier to get things done. It is the modern version of the command line! Results from local files, apps, and settings are easily accessed in the same convenient view by scrolling to the left.”
In the Desktop, the Search charm now overlays a Search pane on the desktop rather than chucking you over to the Start screen. More evidence that Microsoft is ‘refining the blend’ between desktop and Modern apps.
Search Windows 8.1
Enhanced apps
New app enhancements are also coming to all the built-in apps like Mail and Xbox Music, while there are new apps for food and fitness and there is a ‘modern’ version of Office that’s set to launch.
The Photos app now has some new editing features that let you quickly edit or adjust photos when you view them in the Photos app or open them from other places like the Mail, SkyDrive, and Camera apps – you can now create Photosynth panoramas directly within the app.
Mail includes some clever extra options for filtering mails, while there’s also a Reading List to gather links from Internet Explorer. The Photos app now has a lot more editing options.
Windows 8.1

More snap views
If, like us, you use Windows 8 a lot, you’ll have been frustrated by the lack of 50:50 split snap views. This is the game-changer for Windows 8 apps. “You will have more ways to see multiple apps on the screen at the same time,” says Leblond. “You can resize apps to any size you want, share the screen between two apps, or have up to three apps on each screen if you have a multiple displays connected, you can have different Windows Store apps running on all the displays at the same time and the Start Screen can stay open on one monitor (yes!).
This is one of the fundamental changes in Windows 8.1 and makes multi-tasking and multi-monitor use a lot easier. Also in Windows 8.1, you can have multiple windows of the same app snapped together – such as two Internet Explorer windows.” We’re really looking forward to that.
Yes! A 50:50 split!
An enhanced Windows Store
The Windows Store gets a new look in Windows 8.1, designed to make it easier for you to find new and interesting apps. Instead of having to guess what the featured apps at the front of the Store do, a carousel flips through large images and descriptions of each of the six featured apps in turn (swipe down if you don’t want to wait for it to flip).
App updates will now install automatically in the background as they come through the Store. And search is available in the upper right hand corner for finding the apps you want. Leblond elaborates: The improved Windows Store is designed to show more info than before in Windows 8 with detailed lists of top free apps, new releases, and picks for you on the homepage. The app listing is more descriptive and informative and includes an area for related apps to help with app discovery.
Save direct to SkyDrive, plus offline files
In Windows 8.1 your files can be saved directly to SkyDrive – it’s completely integrated into the OS. The SkyDrive app has also got a new update so that files are available even when offline – as in the desktop version.
There’s no longer a separate desktop interface for picking folders to sync.
You no longer need the desktop Control Panel
The updated PC Settings in Windows 8.1 gives you access to all your settings on your device without having to go to the Control Panel on the desktop. “You can do things like change your display resolution, set power options, see the make and model of my PC, change the product key, let me do Windows Update, and even join a domain – all from PC Settings,” says Leblond. You can also manage SkyDrive from PC Settings as well.
A new Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer 11 will ship with Windows 8.1. “IE11 will offer even better touch performance, faster page load times and several other new features we think you will enjoy,” says Leblond. For example, you can now adjust the appearance of modern IE11 to always show the address bar and you can have as many open tabs as you like. And you can access your open tabs in sync across your other Windows 8.1 devices.
Better with a mouse and keyboard
For devices without touch, Windows 8.1 features a number of improvements for easier navigation using a mouse and keyboard. “PCs today are evolving for a world of mobile computing where people interact with their devices through touch, and we designed Windows 8 for this,” explains Leblond. “But we also recognize there are many non-touch devices in use today – especially in the commercial setting.”
A change to the Start ‘tip’ and the Start button
You’ve already heard about this one, right? Leblond adds that there are also options to change what the corners do, and options to boot into alternate screens: “For example, if you prefer to see the Apps view versus all the tiles, you can choose to have the Start screen go directly to Apps view.”
Here’s a picture of the new Start button on the desktop.
Windows 8.1 desktop
Improvements to the Desktop and All programs
Your tiles will overlay over your desktop background when you access the Start screen from the desktop, while you can now swipe up from the Start screen to access your All programs view. This really is a game changer.
Changing app switching
You can now also change the settings for the hot corners and App switching, so you can prevent the Charm bar or app switching bar from appearing if you don’t want them to.
Windows 8.1 App switching
Changes to Windows Explorer
File libraries no longer show up in Explorer automatically, even though they’re still the way you put media into the Xbox Music and Video apps and the first place Mail looks when you add attachments.
To avoid filling all the storage on a tablet with a small drive, all you get by default is the Documents and Pictures folders from your SkyDrive.
You can see your other folders and the names of all the files in them and when you click on a file Windows 8.1 automatically pulls it down from SkyDrive and caches it offline and syncs changes to it.
When you right-click on folders in Explorer the option to add them to a library is still on the context menu, but if you want to find and work with them in Explorer you have to turn them back on in the navigation pane. Instead you see This PC where you’re used to seeing Computer, along with SkyDrive which is installed as part of Windows (in both 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1) and syncs some of your files automatically.
Windows 8.1 files
Native 3D printing support
Windows 8.1 also includes baked-in support for 3D printing. It’s still niche, of course, but it’s an interesting development.
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How to Install iOS 7 Beta 5 without Developer Account (While in iOS 6.1.3 or IOS 7 Beta)

How to Install iOS 7 Beta 5 without Developer Account (While in iOS 6.1.3 or IOS 7 Beta)

iOS 7 Beta 5 is  out for developers with a lot of changes made by apple. Apple claims iOS 7 as the best ultimate experience till now for iOS users.
When apples WWDC was held this year millions of millions people wanted to use iOS 7 that very moment.But,unfortunately till the time apple officially launches the iOS it is available only to the developers.Becoming a developer would be  quite a costly affair for a non-developer just to try a beta iOS.
So we tried hard and finally found a very easy way for our readers to install and run it Absolutely FREE of cost.
Lets First See What Changes Have Been Made By Apple In The New Beta.
  1. All new Settings Icons
  2. Slightly modified lock screen
  3. Modified Control Center settings
  4. Font Style Has Changed (not drastically but quite worth noticing.)
  5. Folders icon transparency has increased and folders looks quite good now
  6. New Animation For Slide to Power Off
  7. More Smoothness while using the OS
How to Install if you are on iOS 6.1.3 or Below ?
  1. Create a backup of your iDevice
  2. You will have to restore your current version of  iOS again. Just head to iTunes and click on restore button( you can use shift+restore function if you have your current iOS ipsw )
  3. Once iTunes has processed your restore click on ”Set Up As A New iPhone
  4. Now, head to iTunes again and click “Check for Update” while pressing ”Shift” (Option in mac) and select the iOS 7 beta 3 .ipsw file.
  5. Let iTunes process the update.
  6. Now Disconnect your iPhone from iTunes and Go to Settings > General > Software Update >
  7. You will see the latest version iOS 7 Beta 5 Update there ( about 200 Mb )
  8. Tap Download and install
  9. Wait till download finishes and update will be installed automatically !
  10. That’s it
How to Install if you are on iOS 7 Beta 1 / Beta 2/ Beta 3 / Beta 4 ?
  1. Unlock your iDevice
  2. Go to Settings > General > Software Update >
  3. You will see the latest version iOS 7 Beta 5 Update there ( about 200 Mb )
  4. Tap Download and install
  5. Wait till download finishes and update will be installed automatically !
  6. That’s it
  • Do not do this if you want to jailbreak iOS. iOS 7 jailbreak is still not available !
  • Do not do this if you want to retain your jailbreak. You will not be able to get it back.
  • Do not do this if you need hacktivation. You will not be able to hacktivate.
  • Do not do this if you think to rollback to any iOS version below iOS 6.1.3. Apple do not sign them any more

iOS 7 All Releases ipsw Download Links ( Including Beta 5 )

iOS 7 All Releases ipsw Download Links ( Including Beta 5 )